Six Tips for Negotiating the Best Deal on Firearms

Six Tips for Negotiating

Just because the market price is set doesn’t mean you can’t get the firearm for less.  Simply put, negotiate!  With that in mind, I wanted to give you some tips on how to negotiate the best deal possible for a firearm.

1. Don’t Insult the Seller

Don’t come in too low where you offend him or waste his time.  If the market value is $600 and you offer him $150, he is going to tell you to hit the bricks and rightfully so.  By the same token, unless it’s a really hot commodity, you don’t want to come in too high either.  If you offer $590 as your initial bid, what are the chances he’s going to sell it to you for $550?  Zero.

2. Look Up Comps! 

If you want to buy a Colt Detective Special, see what they’re selling for on GunsAmerica.  That’s what I did.  Once I had a good range of pricing, I knew what was realistic and what was at the higher end of the spectrum.  You can also talk to people who are familiar with gun sales to get an idea of what’s going for what.  When negotiating, pointing to convenient comps only bolsters your argument for a lower price point.  It tells the seller that (a) you’ve done your homework and (b) your request isn’t unreasonable given the marketplace.

3. Downplay desire

Even if you want it so badly you can taste it, don’t tip your hand.  Come in with a poker face.  Imply that you can either take it or leave it.  In fact, it’s even better if that’s how you actually feel.  The best deals I’ve ever scored have been the ones where I was in a position where my urgency for the product was low.  Experienced sellers can usually sense when someone is extremely interested and when someone is only mildly interested.  When they know you want it, they’re not going to be as flexible on the price.

4. Be Nice

Don’t be a jerk.  The idea that playing hardball while negotiating is nonsense.  It’s not a coincidence that everyone who meets president Trump comments about how he is so nice in person, and that he looks you in the eye and really listens to what you’re saying.  As that old saying goes, you catch more flies with honey than vinegar.

5. Don’t Be Gun Shy  

If it is a good deal grab it before someone else does.  I remember showing houses to this young couple.  We found the perfect house for them.  It had everything they wanted.  During the negotiations we got stuck at a point where we were only negotiating over a tiny percentage of the final bid.  While we waited for the seller to respond to that final counter, someone swooped in and purchased the house at full listing price.  My buyers were crushed.  They had a good deal in their lap and they pushed a little too hard.  Thankfully guns are not like houses.  They’re much easier to sell.  On that note, I may not have gotten the best deal on my Colt, but I got a pretty good deal.   And I’m happy.

6. Shop Locally, Build Relationships 

Friendly local gun stores are the backbone of the firearms industry.  Do they always have the best prices?  No.  But more often than not, you’ll consistently get good deals if you make friends and frequent the establishment.  Competent store employees and owners know who the regulars are and will go the extra mile to make sure their customers are happy.  That may come in the form of special pricing, early looks at new products, discounts on ammo, quality advice, and exceptional customer service.  So, shop locally.  Plus I always feel better about giving my hard earned money to someone in my community as opposed to a chain store or corporation.  I also find it easier to negotiate with those I’ve done business with in the past.  The reason is obvious, the more you purchase from them, the more leverage you have in the negotiation.


These are my tips for negotiating the best deal.  Don’t insult the seller, do your homework on pricing, downplay desire, be friendly, be willing to pull the trigger when it’s time and shop locally when possible.  By doing all of this you greatly increase your chances of scoring a solid deal. Good luck and happy hunting!





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Six Tips for Negotiating the Best Deal on Firearms

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