21 Unusual Places To Hide Your Gun

If you are ever in an emergency, you’ll want easy access to your gun. You hope and pray that it’s just on your hip and within easy access. But if you’re in the bathroom with your pants down, and someone kicks in the door, you could be separated from your trusted side piece. There’s an old saying that speaks to this exact situation: Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance.

If you put a little time into making your guns available to you anywhere, you will make your house (or meet up spot if you can’t get home) a proper arsenal.

Here’s a few spots you can hide it in:

1. On the ceiling of your closet– People generally case a room left to right. They won’t often look up. This keeps your gun available to you, without being conspicuous.
2 – In The Shoebox
A few guns in a shoebox thrown into a closet will force you to keep the closet clean.
3 – Under The Rug
If you’ve got a large rug, you can either hide it underneath or dig into the floor to hide the gun.
4 – In the Deep Freezer-
Perfect for hiding weapons, and for hiding behind during a gun fight.
5 – In The Cereal Box
A Perfect hiding spot in the kitchen that’s hidden in easy reach.
6 – In The Drawer
A drawer with a few magazines over it will do the trick in a pinch. Just don’t leave your gun if there are kids around.
7 – In the Suitcase
Stuff your suitcase full of old clothes and hide the gun inside.
8 – Buried In The Yard
Pick a spot in the front or backyard and bury a gun in there – just remember to get it if you ever sell the house.
9 – In A Book
Hollow out the inner pages of an old Encyclopedia. Keep the book in plain sight!
Dig some holes in a wall, and place the gun inside. Place a fake electrical outlet cover over the hole.
10 – In The Scanner
The scanner window is the perfect size for a small handgun. Just take the glass out first.
11 – In A Boot
Grab one of those old rain galoshes and store a gun in it. They’re deep enough where it won’t stick out and wide enough that it will slide in and out.
12 – In Your Tool Chest
If you’ve got a tool chest with drawers and a little depth, this is a perfect spot to lay down a magazine and a handgun.
13 – In A Old Grandfather Clock-
Those old glassy doors are perfect if the glass is not transparent. And since it still functions, no one would expect it to be used for storage.
14 – In The Attic
The attic in not going to be the first space a baddie goes to. Keep a reserve there and odds are it won’t be stolen.
15 – In The Crawlspace
Crawlspaces aren’t where the real valuables are kept.  Less reason for someone to look there.
16 – In The Hideaway Frame
These frame are hollow on the backside, and have enough cardboard to hold a gun in.
17 – Under The Driver Seat
Punch two holes in the front of your driver seat and ziptie a holster through it. If you’re driving, your gun can ride there, a little easier to get to than on the hip.
18 – In The Gym Bag
Store a gun among your gym clothes, water bottle, etc. in your gym bag for some added secrecy. Just make sure you use a locker at the gym if you take it there.
19 – In The Wall
A picture or poster can cover a hole pretty quick but doesn’t stop you from getting it when you need it.
20 – Under The Floorboards
Pull up a loose floorboard and stuff a gun or two underneath.
21 – Under The Plants
Put a gun in a ziploc and drop it under a fake plant in the corner. Just don’t tamp the soil down too hard.

This list is not exhaustive by any means, but rather a starting point.  It’s always a good idea to stash a gun somewhere in case someone breaks into your home and you’re separated from your gun, but that’s not the only situation where you might need a cache.

Certain powers in government are doing their best to eliminate our gun rights.   What if part of that eventually meant citizens were disarmed at gunpoint by the military.  It might seem far off, but if you prepared like this for either situation, you would have a spare gun (or guns) to fall back on.

It comes down to you to protect your family.  That means proactively thinking of how you could be cut off from one safety plan.  That might even mean having some self-storage that has a back-up back-up if your original plans fail.

How would you implement Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performane in relation to your gun needs?  Tell us below.

21 Unusual Places To Hide Your Gun

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