5 Reasons Why You Should Carry A Compact Tourniquet

The other day, a hunter was in the woods with some buddies hunting deer. After splitting up, the hunter went his own way for a bit and set up a spot to wait. Turns out, his buddies saw him through their scope and mistook him for a deer. They shot their own friend!

Besides the obvious suck of that, they had to save his life. He was bleeding out and fast. The only thing that saved his life was stopping the blood flow which they did with a CT.

So first reason to carry: Save a life in the woods where there is no medical help close by.

#2- A CT can be used with one hand if your other hand gets messed up.

3- You never know when you’ll need it. If you’re in business attire, a CT can fit under your suit jacket.

Number 4- Be the first responder in case you come upon a car accident.

Reason 5- You can win a gunfight and still bleed out. Don’t miss the glory spotlight because you failed to prepare.

Watch this video to discover which CT is best for you:


Don’t be a victim. You already live this out by carrying. And if you’re carrying, you probably want to protect yourself and your loved ones. so if something does happen to them, you should be prepared.

A CT could save your life or the life of someone else. A lot of thought has gone into making them easy to use. Sturdy bands and twist mechanisms that won’t break. Anchor points. Even the ability to sinch down with your teeth if it came to it.

The key is the simplicity of CTs. You pray to God you never have to use one, but if you or a loved one is injured so badly that the femoral artery is gushing blood on the ground, the last thing you want to do is reach for directions to use it.

If you’re not carrying this on your person, it should be, at the least, in your first aid box. There is nothing else in that orange “first aid” box that will stop a bleed out. You can stuff all the gauze you want into a wound- it will seep through.

What do you think of carrying a CT alongside your CC or keeping it

5 Reasons Why You Should Carry A Compact Tourniquet

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