See This Before Ever Using Your Gun For Self Defense

Chances are, as a gun owner, you’ve gone to the range and put your gun on the counter as you’ve taped your target up. You adjusted your ears and eyes and sent the target down range to exactly where you want it.

Lining up your sights, you squeeze the trigger a few times, place your gun down, and bring the target back to examine accuracy.

It’s all so…sterile.

This is not the case when you need your gun in real life. Your heart is pounding, your stomach is in your throat, and you have tunnel vision. Your hands are clammy and shaky. Everything is moving hyper fast and in slow motion at the same time.

This is not the time to learn how to clear your house. Give yourself a fighting chance and watch this video now to know how to come out the victor in a deadly encounter in your home.

One of the first things I took away from this was the idea that you will have to defend your head (and your gun) like a boxer as you go into clearing your home.

It’s little things like that make the difference between saving your loved ones or getting your head beaten in by baddie #2 who is on lookout.

Another thing… this is a worst case scenario when a loved one is separated from you and your home is breached. If there is no danger to a loved one, it might be better to call for backup.

You should practice clearing your house the same way you practice gun drills at the range. A slow methodical response that gives you good habits is better than a fast, sloppy drill that gets you killed.

See This Before Ever Using Your Gun For Self Defense

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