This Is How You Make Your Gun Legally “Disappear”

While the liberals are nursing their wounds, they are by no means done with their agenda. You can bet that the Dems will be back at the state and local levels soon, trying to put gun laws in place that will make your blood boil

In the meantime, one of the greatest, most enjoyable uses of a gun is still getting out into the woods and hunting.

We do many things to give ourselves the advantage in the woods. Fox urine to cover our scent Camo outfits to blend in. Even using animal calls to lure the prize in.

But sometimes we don’t give animals enough credit. If you’re not making your gun disappear from sight, they might pick it up as a distinct break from their natural world and bolt.

Here’s how to do it without paying out the nose on the front end:

Putting your gun under a camo guard will be a fun way to customize it. All you need is a few cans of spray paint, some stencils, and some elbow grease.

The stencils, if by hand, could take some take time to create. You could otherwise Google some images and download and print.

After that, in a few hours, and with a few coats, you will have made your gun legally disappear.

The thing you need to be most aware when doing this is not messing with the firing capability of the gun.  This means a full disassembly so firing pins, joints, and barrel don’t get gummed up.

Do you think a DIY camo job for your hunting rifle is something you could do? Let us know in the comments below.

This Is How You Make Your Gun Legally “Disappear”

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